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AL Sport
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The Kaweco AL Sport Red fountain pen features a sturdy faceted gorgeous rich red aluminum barrel and cap with a smooth steel nib that runs on the wider side. The cap screws on to close, and accepts both standard international cartridges, which are included, or a short converter which is available separately. The Kaweco add-on clip in either silver or gold metal, or the Deluxe clip in Raw Bronze, Gold or Chrome, is a nice extra, especially if you keep the pen in a shirt pocket!

Keeping true to the Kaweco slogan "small in the pocket, great in the hand," the Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen measures a compact 4.2 inches when closed, but does expand to a more comfortable 5.25 inches when the cap is posted on the end of the barrel. Kaweco pens are made in Germany.

A quick tip - the ink cartridge comes shipped inside the barrel of the pen, but may seem stuck, so gently tap the barrel against your hand or a gently against a hard surface to dislodge it.

Please see our review of the AL Sport on our blog!

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