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The Kaweco Liliput Stainless Steel fountain pen is constructed from finished stainless steel. The smooth steel nib runs on the wider side. The cap screws on to close, and accepts standard international cartridges only. A slide-on clip for the Liliput is available, especially if you keep the pen in a shirt pocket! 

Keeping true to the Kaweco slogan "small in the pocket, great in the hand," the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen is the smallest model of Kaweco's fountain pen lineup and among the smallest fountain pens in the world that uses standard international short ink cartridges. The pen becomes a comfortable full-sized pen when the cap is screwed on to the end of the barrel. The Kaweco Liliput was originally introduced in 1910, and was re-released in 2011 in several updated materials and finishes. Kaweco pens are made in Germany.

A quick tip - the ink cartridge comes shipped inside the barrel of the pen, but may seem stuck, so gently tap the barrel against your hand or a gently against a hard surface to dislodge it.

The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen has a barrel that is too thin for a converter, so the Liliput uses standard international cartridges only. 

Please Note: The metal body of this pen can be corroded by prolonged contact with ink. For best results, clean off any ink that gets onto the surface, and do not use it as an eyedropper pen.

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