Kaweco Mini Converter

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The Kaweco mini converter was designed for use in the Kaweco Classic Sport, Skyline Sport and Ice Sport fountain pens, to allow you to use bottled in your fountain pens. The Kaweco mini converter uses a push mechanism for filling. This also fits many other international pens where a short converter is needed! The mini converter does not fit well in the metal Kaweco pens such as the AL-Sport, the Brass Sport or the Liliput.

5 Reviews

Terry Feb 17, 2019

Works Great!

Works well for any of my Kaweco pocket fountain pens. It does not hold a ton of ink but it allows for the use of any bottle fountain pen ink! I buy one with every small Kaweco fountain pen I buy.

LRayRule May 25, 2018

Converter that works for Kaweco Liliput Compact

"This conerter works for the Kaweco - Lilput, Compact Copper Fountain Pen. You cannot load the entire chamber due to the size of the pen. What I do is put the converter in the pen, pull the pluger up to load the pen, then keep the pen over the top of the ink bottle while I screw on the top of the pen. As you screw on the top of the pen, it will push the plunger down due to the compact size which will expel part of the ink so you need to make sure the nib is over the bottle.

Even though you cannot load the entire chamber, it is still enough to do a fair amount of writing. In my opion, I think any pen writes much better with the converter than the cartridge so I was thrilled to find any converter that would work. It isn't perfect but it works...which works for me. "

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