Kuretake Meiji No Iro - KuroganeIro (20ml Bottle)


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Kuretake Meiji No Iro KuroganeIro ink is a darker shade of dusty teal, and was a color that was used for the aprons of store clerks. The 20ml glass bottle has a rectangular shape, with a faceted black plastic cap.

Kuretake ZIG is honoring their 120th anniversary by going back to the Meiji Era of Japan with MEIJI NO IRO Inks! During this era more than a century ago, new developments in clothing production and the introduction of Western methods like the use of synthetic dyes made more colors accessible in Japan. With new fabric techniques came new colors and gradients that became more popular, and eventually came to define the colors of the Meiji Era.

These brilliant colors can be used in Kuretake Karappo pens, dip pens, fountain pens and more!

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