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Kyo-Iro Flaming Red of Fushimi Ink (40ml Bottle)


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A 40ml bottle of Kyo-Iro Flaming Red of Fushimi fountain pen ink. Flaming Red of Fushimi is a muted shade of red.

Kyo-Iro fountain pen inks are made in Kyoto Japan. They are crafted according traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. These inks are inspired by famous and fascinating places in Kyoto which are the expression of its rich history and profound culture for a long time.

'Fushimi-Inari' is the headquarters of 'oinari-san' with 3000 existing places across Japan. It's been widely worshipped with people's deep devotion for harvest, prosperity, safety and fulfillments of your dreams.

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Volume - 40ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red