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The LAMY Aion attains a completely new level of quality in the Modern Writing sector. Each element of its seamless deep - drawn aluminium body lends a uniquely harmonious appearance to the range. The body and cap feature attractive brushed finishes which contrast the LAMY Aion's blasted grip as well as its glossy nib and polished clip. A silk-matte anodized coating in black or olive silver emphasizes the range's high-quality finish, complemented by its spring-loaded clip with the LAMY logo embossed on the side. The LAMY Aion fountain pen has a stainless steel nib in options of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad with a new contour - an expressive element which blends in perfectly with the overall concept of the LAMY Aion.

3 Reviews

ThomasMypor May 23rd 2018

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Shawnfep May 13th 2018

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