Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen - Ocean Blue

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The Lamy Ocean Blue AL-Star is well known for its modern style and dependability. The aluminum body and self sprung metal clip that makes Lamy pens instantly recognizable.  A contoured grip section ensures that the pen is held correctly for the optimal writing experience.

The Ocean Blue Lamy fountain pen features a polished bright blue-green metal surface, a silver clip, black accents and a transparent smoked grip section. 

The pen contains one cartridge get you started. A Lamy converter is available separately.

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1 Review

Andrew Pitonyak May 29th 2018

One of my favorite pens

"I was skeptical that the area near the nib is not round. I must hold the pen in a specific way. Reality, I really like it.
I am always worried with an EF Nib. I loaded this up with some NOODLER'S LA COULEUR ROYALE and started writing. I was not aware that cleaning the pen might be warranted, but it seems to just work.

No problems starting, just pull it and go.

The Lamy has a bit more feedback with the nib than my Pilot pens. The Pilot seems to run as though writing on ice (smoooooth), whereas i get a bit of feedback with the Lamy, and I think that I generally write a bit better with the Lamy because of it. At the end of the day, this is simply personal preference.

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