Lamy Black Ink Cartridges (5 Pack)

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A box of 5 Lamy Black fountain pen ink cartridges. Lamy fountain pen ink cartridges are proprietary, and only fit Lamy fountain pens that accept cartridges.

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Color Group - Black

Quantity per Pack - 5

Cartridge Type - Proprietary

2 Reviews

Tere Flynn Oct 21, 2019

Nice fountain pen ink cartridge

I am in need of using a fountain pen cartridge in my daily about use.
These ink cartridges have meet my needs and length of use.

Serena May 23, 2018

Not a bad black

This is my first time using Lamy black cartridges and it is an alright black, but nothing spectacular. I have better blacks, but I picked these up for a business trip so that I would not have to take a full bottle of ink with me. The ink is ok, and being a cartridge makes it convenient if you are getting on a plane without having to worry about TSA taking your ink.

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