Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen - Piano Black


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Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
14kt Gold
Filling Mechanism:
Trim Color:
Cap Closure:
Pen Model:
Dialog 3

The LAMY Dialog 3 in Piano Black is a revolutionary fountain pen that has no separate cap. The twist mechanism slides the nib from the barrel, while the clip retracts onto the body of the pen. When the pen is twisted closed, a ball valve closes off the opening to protect the nib from drying out, and preventing debris or pocket lint from entering. The clip lifts up and the fountain pen can then be clipped to a packet or pen case. The Black Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen features a smooth interchangeable two-tone 14K gold nib, and includes a proprietary Lamy ink cartridge and a Z27 ink converter to get you writing immediately!

Additional Lamy proprietary ink cartridges in several colors are also available. 

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One additional note - LAMY tests their pens as a final step in the manufacturing process, for added quality control. If you see any residual ink on your nib, this is normal, and does not indicate that the pen has been used.