Lamy Loose Nib - Black, Cursive


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This Lamy loose black-plated stainless steel replacement nib in Black in a Cursive point is a great replacement option for your Lamy fountain pens, such as the Lamy Studio, Al-Star, and Safari. The Lamy Cursive nib is designed for flowing handwriting, and with several specialty needs in mind such as Kanji, Sanskrit, Arabic scripts. and others. The rounded ends and grind of the nib create a sort of architect line. These are easily replaced by using a piece of tape to remove the original nib, and then you just slide on the replacement nib. This allows you the option to swap nib sizes without having to buy a second pen.

These replacement nibs will also fit the Lamy LX and Aion fountain pens, but the style is slightly different from the original nibs.

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