Lamy Loose Nib - Black, Fine

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This Lamy stainless steel replacement nib in black in a Fine point size is a great replacement option for your Lamy fountain pens - specifically Lamy Studio, Al-Star, Safari. These are easily replaceable, and offer you the option to swap nib sizes without having to buy a second pen. These replacement nibs will also fit the Lamy LX and Aion fountain pens, but the style is slightly different from the original nibs.

1 Review

Gail R Oct 25, 2019

Moving from M to F

I've thought for the last 3+ years of owning my Lamy Safari that I should move to a F nib. I've been lazy about it, but finally broke down and did it recently. I wish I'd done this a long time ago!

A Lamy M nib is a generally wet writer, and so is a F, but the line it produces is fine enough that when using a wetter ink I don't have as much feathering and bleed-through on the crummy paper we use at work. (Yes, I break down I buy my own Rhodia notebooks for work, but I refuse to use them just for scratch paper--most of the time.) I would say this nib is equal to its M counterpart in smoothness. It required absolutely no adjusting and in true Lamy fashion slipped easily and securely into place.

I have nothing at all bad to say about this nib. I love it!

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