Lamy Softcover Booklet - A5, Lined - Grey (3 Pack)

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The Lamy Softcover A5 Booklet set of 3 in Grey is the perfect accompaniment for jotting down all those quick notes and sketches. If you want a thinner notebook that only has 64 pages, the paper booklets might appeal to you. Each Lamy booklet features 64 pages of ink-resistant 90gsm paper with delicate grey lines in a combination of graph and lined paper. The line spacing involves a 4mm dotted grid with alternating darker horizontal lines at 8mm intervals. Neon colored thread stitching makes a fun accent to an otherwise subtle booklet. 

Whether for appointments, ideas or as a personal journal, fans of the LAMY brand are now able to record their thoughts in a matching notebook. The new notebooks are available in a variety of colors and designs matched to LAMY writing instruments.


1 Review

Mark Sep 06, 2021

Love the Lamy notebooks

I really like these notebooks!
What I like about them:
1) the lining, a combination of lines and squares, makes the pages versatile for journaling, lists or bullet journaling
2) the paper, it’s nice for fountain pens, just enough tooth to give some feedback, but smooth; it’s not smooth like TR, so gives IMHO a better writing feel
The one down side is it doesn’t show off all the qualities of the ink like TR does. It doesn’t show the nice sheen that some inks have
For everyday note taking these notebooks are hard to beat.

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