Lamy Swift Rollerball - Matte Black


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The Lamy Swift rollerball, shown here in Matte Black, is a capless rollerball pen with a push-button mechanism and uniquely engineered retractable clip. The all metal body has a slightly matte all black finish, which helps to hide fingerprints. The precisely drilled holes in the barrel create a minimalist grip section. When you push the button to extend the refill, the clip retracts to become flush with the body of the pen. The great part of this design means that you cannot accidentally clip the pen in your shirt pocket or pen case with the refill extended, and the clip never gets in the way of how you personally hold your pen!

Please note that the push button mechanism at the top of the pen is deliberately offset (not centered) to allow room in the body for the clip when it is retracted.

The Lamy Swift rollerball accepts the Lamy M66 rollerball refill.