Maruman Mnemosyne N195A Notebook - A5, Lined

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This Maruman Mnemosyne N195A notebook measures 5.75 x 8.25 inches and features 80 perforated sheets of white lined 80gsm paper. The lines are spaced 7mm apart and the notebook has a wire spiral binding. The 24 lines on the page are divided into 3 sections by a slightly bolder grey line, and each page has space at the top for the date or page number and a title.

3 Reviews

Kyle Jan 12, 2021

Great Affordable Notebook

The quality is near impossible to beat at this price. The paper is smooth and silky, takes ink great without feathering or bleedthrough. Compared to similar notebooks like Kokuyo I think this feels sturdier and the paper doesn't have that 'drag' feeling.

Lynne RR May 29, 2018

A Perfect Little Practice Pad...

Smooth as silk paper, your fountain pens just glides across without bleeding through or causing puckering. I use these pads to practice my writing or to send notes. The pages pull out of the pad with a fine preformation that leaves a very clean edge.

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