Micro-Mesh Tri-Grade Buffer Stick

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Nibmeister Approved! Use the same Micro-Mesh Buffer Stick as the Pros! The split side of the stick offers both 2400 and 4000 grits. The solid side gives you the option of 12000 grit.

Please see our instructional blog post on how to best use Micro-Mesh Here!

6 Reviews

Christopher Ebert Oct 14, 2021

Extraordinarily Handy

In fifteen minutes of work, I’ve smoothed a catchy oblique, crisped an italic, and cut a new oblique into a Kaweco stainless nib, with one tool (well, a loupe), without all with the bother of my boxful of micromesh.

Jonathan Boardman Jul 26, 2021

Micromesh buffing stick

Perfect tool for polishing guitar frets. Excellent quality and very reasonable price.
Very pleased with customer service, fast shipping, and product quality.

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