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Writing in an MD Notebook is stress-free, from start to finish. MD Notebooks do not have a cover. This is because Midori considered the use of a cover would impact the writing comfort of MD Notebooks, potentially making them harder to open and the pages looser. This is why the MD Notebook is a design icon, with nothing hidden behind a cover as is normally the case, and the cheesecloth mesh tape appended to the spine in plain sight. With no cover and only cheesecloth reinforcing the spine, MD Notebooks are supple and open easily.

The grid format features a 5mm square grid based on old Japanese manuscript paper. The grid is characterized by the small gaps between the squares. There is also a mark every five or ten squares to make counting characters even easier. The light blue grid lines do not distract from your writing or sketches.

MD Notebooks are created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with 16 pages of paper folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine.
This book-binding method ensures that the notebook opens evenly and is highly durable. The book-binding method is usually applied in items that are used for a long time, such as pocketbooks and diaries. Midori adopted this method to achieve ultimate writing comfort, ensuring that the notebook opens fully 180 degrees.
For each type of notebook, Midori has added a different color bookmark string: red for blank, blue for ruled lines, black for grid, and white for cotton. The bookmark string can be seen at the top of the spine, providing a further design feature when your notebook is placed on a shelf. The colored string, peeking out from the pure white spine cover, adds a modest accent.

2 Reviews

Opy Potamus Jun 29th 2020

Terrific paper for your daily Notebook

Between the choices for, lined, grid, dotted grid, and so on; these notebooks provide the margins for however you wish to employ this capable collection of pages. I am personally on my third notebook, and the things are

Holly D May 25th 2018

I love this notebook

I just bought this to try after filling a Bullet Journal. I bought the clear cover for it as well. It's beautiful. The paper is so silky. I didn't know if I would like the graph, I have previously used dot grid but I like the graph just fine. The lines are soft and more muted than some others I have seen. It might be my new favorite.

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