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If a notebook is for writing in the orderly pages of a book, then it is sticky memos that allow you to write and stick on individual notes. After all, we need both options, don't we?
To meet this need, Midori suggests that the perfect combination is the MD Sticky Memo Pad, created from MD Paper with the writing comfort you expect, used together with your MD Notebook.
Using these together will further broaden the potential of your writing. We propose not just using one or the other, but both in combination.
The size of the sticky memos is 5mm smaller than the pages of the notebook, enabling you to stick them inside with ease.
They fit perfectly in your notebook, looking just like one of the pages. Do not hesitate to write down all your ideas on the sticky memos and enlarge your notebook.
The ruled lines of the sticky memos are exactly the same width as the ruled lines of the MD Notebook, creating a sense of unity when you place them together.
By returning with your ideas and memos you jotted down while out and about and combining them with the pages of your notebook, you can achieve ever greater creativity.
With standard sticky memos, the side on which the adhesive is attached can be a little difficult to write on.
However, MD Sticky Memo Pad is unique in that you can write beautifully on both sides, without stickiness or smearing.
So you can jot down your thoughts anywhere and at any time, Midori provides MD Sticky Memo Pads in A7/80 sheet and A6/60 sheet sizes.
Jot down all your ideas and stick them in your notebook. MD Sticky Memos are the perfect partner for your MD Notebook.
MD Sticky Memo Pads feature a cover, just like a notebook. This is to ensure that you don't lose your precious memos and ideas, and prevent them becoming creased and dirty as you use your pad when out and about.
The cover can also be used as a backing board so you can easily jot down ideas while standing.


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