Mobius and Ruppert Magnesium Pencil Sharpener - Triangle, Triple Hole

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The Mobius & Ruppert Triangular Magnesium Triple Hole Pencil Sharpener is a triangular three-hole sharpener made from milled magnesium. The sharpener features an unusual design, the three holes each sharpen standard width hexagonal, round or triangular pencils in a different manner.

The longest blade hole sharpens both the wood and the graphite lead at the same time - like a normal pencil sharpener. The medium height blade sharpens only the wood of the pencil leaving the graphite core exposed, and the shortest blade sharpens only the graphite lead of the pencil. We confess we are not entirely sure of the purpose of removing just the wood from the lead core, but we can assume it is to allow you a longer length of lead to work with in a different manner from a normal pencil.

The trademark of Mobius and Ruppert sharpeners is quality. They produce all the pencil sharpener blades themselves in Erlangen, Germany and the sharpeners are suited for every type of wood and pen - reliable and clean. A special corrosion protection guarantees a long life expectancy.

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