Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue Ink (30ml Bottle)


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Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue fountain pen ink is presented in a gorgeous 30ml ribbed glass bottle. Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue ink is a sky blue colored ink.

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Volume - 30ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Blue

14 Reviews

Clara Dec 12th 2018

Excellent but not perfect

I have been searching for a spring sky blue that's absolutely without any trace of turquoise or royal blue, in the boundless ocean of FP inks. This one -is close, but not perfect. I think the saturation and brightness of it are right, which is not very saturated and light enough to resemble the depth, transparency and vastness of the sky. However, the one thing that's off is the color temperature, which leans towards the colder side, thus making the ink look more like a winter sky instead of the spring sky. It lacks the warmth and loveliness of a warm undertone with bounce. But this is not fatal, as I could add another ink to it to balance it out. I'm thinking about Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo or J.H. Ambre (just a tiny bit:). Overall, I think this ink is still pretty awesome. Thanks Anderson Pens to make this ink available to us. I'm very happy with my order. It came really fast and was packaged with care.

Winifred Dolderer May 25th 2018

Pretty, light blue ink

My husband is a fan of this light blue ink and was glad to find you had it!

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