Namiki Blue Ink (60ml Bottle)

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A 60ml glass bottle of Namiki Blue fountain pen ink. Namiki Blue ink is a vibrant shade of blue. Traditional bottled Namiki ink in Blue, with tested ph levels of above 7.0, making this acid-free and archival safe. The attractive glass bottle has an interior well for easy filling of your fountain pen.

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Volume - 60ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

3 Reviews

Donnie Albert May 23, 2018


Very nice blue

Martin Leverton May 23, 2018

Great Ink

Namiki Blue is very high quality ink. It could, I think, be rightly considered permanent, in the usual sense of the word. Very impressive. I can never decide how to grade blues with the huge range of labels people give them. I would simply describe it as a comfortably bright, straight blue, that doesn't try to be anything but blue. I have a feeling the swab is darker than the ink appears on the page. It has a removable ink reservoir in the bottle, though this is less useful if your pen needs to be submerged deeply to get a good fill, in which case, it's best to remove the reservoir. A brilliant daily user for lovers of blue ink, and hankerers after their school days, but with better ink!

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