Noodler's Bernanke Red Ink (3oz Bottle)

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3oz glass bottle of Noodler's Bernanke Red fountain pen ink. Noodler's Bernanke Red fountain pen ink is a fast drying rich shade of deep shade of red.

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Volume - 3oz

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red

Special Properties - Fast Drying

2 Reviews

James Risser Jun 07, 2020

beautiful red!

another winner from noodlers. really clean looking authentic red color. very hard to explain, but, if you want a red, take a look!

Fay Mar 13, 2019

Great Lefty Ink

I am left-handed, take a lot of notes, and also grade papers in unusual places, (it's the life of a teacher) and this ink dries quickly so that I am less likely smear what I write. It has a nice rich color that stands out nicely on paper. It also does surprisingly well on cheap copy paper.

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