Noodler's Fox Red Ink (1oz Bottle)

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1oz glass bottle of Noodler's Fox Red fountain pen ink. Noodler's Fox Red is a bright, vibrant shade of red.

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Volume - 1oz

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red

Special Properties - Bulletproof, Eternal, Forgery Resistant, Water Resistant, Fluorescent

1 Review

Howard Lamhut May 23rd 2018

Worth the money

"I almost changed my order when I realized I was purchasing a 1 ounce bottle rather than a 3 ounce bottle.
As it turns out I really like the ink and it was worth the price. It's definitely waterproof. It dries ultra fast I mean in one or two seconds, ultra fast.
I'm using it now in a wasp vacuum-fil pen that I restored.
Also even when the pen sits for a day or two I do not have a hard start. It writes immediately and of course this may be one of the characteristics of this pen but the ink is an important factor as well.
Even though it is a little pricey for a noodlers ink,
I would definitely buy Noodlers fox ink again in a heartbeat!"

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