Paperblanks Mini Journal - Kirikane Dhyana, Lined

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The Paperblanks Kirikane Dhyana Journal in the Mini size is 3.75 x 5.5 inches and Smyth Sewn for durability. It has 176 lined pages, includes a memento pouch and ribbon marker, and features an elastic band closure.

Kirikane (cut gold) is the ancient technique of decorating Buddhist artwork with gold metal leaf. The precision of the art form is informed by devotion and mindfulness as the artist heats and bonds together six extremely thin sheets of gold leaf before using a bamboo knife (chikutou) to cut fine strips or designs. Glue made from hide (nikawa) and seaweed (funori) is then used to attach these shapes to the object being decorated.

The earliest surviving examples of kirikane originate from the ancient Korean kingdom Baekje (18 BCE-660 CE). In Japan, kirikane flourished during the 11th-13th centuries, but when gold paint began to replace precious metals the art form was all but extinguished. Our Kirikane series is inspired by the work of Japanese artist Sayoko Eri (1945-2007). A devoted revivalist of kirikane, she studied the art form and applied it to everyday items such as boxes (hako) and screens as well as to Buddhist artifacts. Our cover designs reproduce the patterns of Sayoko Eri's work using our unique printing process.

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