Parker 51 Aerometric Sac


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A pli-glass sac for Parker 51 Aerometric fillers. The sac is already the correct size, no need to cut. Just remove the filling unit, remove and clean off the old sac, shellac in place and let dry.

Please note: Price is per sac.

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Joe Talarico Nov 02, 2021

Sacs and J bars

Sacs and J bars were quality products! Installed sacs and are like original product. Outstanding customer service!!

Phil J May 29, 2018

Parker 51 Aerometric Sac

I have a Parker 51 Flighter silver fountain pen left from my father. From outside appearances, the pen is in remarkably good shape. Refurbishing the pen, I was surprised that the sac was clear plastic, also known as a "pli-glass" sac. The original sac was intact, but was stained black by ink. Both the original sac and the replacement sac loosely fit over the base. I suppose that is how the Parker 51 sacs are designed. Shellaced the new sac in place, and it's back in business.

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