Parker 51 Aerometric Stainless Steel Breather Tube - Full Size

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Stainless steel breather tubes to replace the often corroded or damaged sterling breather tubes found in Parker 51 Aerometric pens. Remanufactured to original specifications including the vent hole. For full sized 51's

2 Reviews

Phil J May 29, 2018

Parker 51 Breather Tube

I have a Parker 51 Flighter silver fountain pen left from my father. From outside appearances, the pen is in remarkably good shape. The breather tube was a bit corroded and clogged. The replacement breather tube is an exact fit and replacement was straightforward.

Karl May 24, 2018

Nice replacement for the original

Nice to see these are being made, I frequently find busted breather tubes in my 51 restorations and these are a great fit, down to the breather hole.

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