Parker 51 Fountain Pen - Midnight Blue

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The Iconic Parker 51 fountain pen, once hailed as the 'world's most wanted' pen, first launched in 1941, and has been reintroduced in 2021. The Parker 51 fountain pen, shown here in Midnight Blue with Chrome Trim retains the original distinctive streamlined silhouette and iconic hooded steel nib. Glossy navy blue resin, a brushed stainless steel cap with a conical palladium plated jewel and the familiar Parker 'arrow' clip all make this pen feel very comfortable in the hand, and the option for cartridge or converter updates the filling system to a more current preference for many users.

The Parker 51 fountain pen comes packaged with a proprietary Parker ink cartridge, and the Parker converter for use with bottled ink can be purchased separately.


1 Review

Mark Meske May 28, 2021

Parker 51 does it right

I bought the new Parker 51 Fountain Pen based on appearance as much as function. I’ve used fountain pens since I was ten (55 years ago) and my interest has not slackened. I’ve always been intrigued by the hooded nib of the 51 and that led me to buy this pen (Midnight Blue, medium nib). The fit and function of my pen is first rate. I wrote smoothly out of the box. No scratchiness, very little feedback. Everything fit and the resin was nicely polished. One thing I like over the original is the fact that it has a screw cap. Real fountain pens have screw caps. I purchased the Parker converter along with the pen and it works without issue. The only thing that makes the pen less then ideal to me is that the barrel is too slim. I like a little more girth.

I am fully satisfied with the pen. It is a great value and would make a splendid second or third pen for a beginner. It would also make a first-rate work-a-day pen. This pen was everything it claimed to be and I enthusiastically recommend it to all.

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