Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen - Blue

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The Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen in Blue offers a minimalistic yet sophisticated design with transparent Blue barrel and cap. The visible ink supply is a benefit for the user, so that knowing when to refill the pen becomes a breeze! The Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen features a Rhodium-plated 14k gold nib for an incredibly smooth writing experience.

The pen comes in a Pilot gift box, and both an ink cartridge and a CON-70 push button converter are included to get you started.

3 Reviews

Ben Aug 11, 2021

Gorgeous pen that writes very well

This has been working fantastic for me right out of the box. Filling mechanism is very smooth and easy, and it holds a ton of ink. Writing has been a joy so far with it.

Ken Aug 23, 2019

Custom 74 transparent blue fountain pen

This pen has everything you could ask for in a modern fountain pen. Aesthetically it is a work of art with its shiny chrome and beautiful see through blue body. It is also , being a Pilot, one of the best writing pens I own. Thank you for having informative, and amusing, tutorials for each model of pen, as it helps to determine if this is the pen you really want. Great job!

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