Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen - Black, Fine Nib


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Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
14kt Gold
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Cap Closure:
Pen Model:
Custom 912

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Black fountain pen with a Fine nib features a glossy black acrylic resin barrel and cap, accented by rhodium-plated trim. The rhodium-plated 14k gold nib is a fan-favorite for its smooth feel on the page. The pen fills with a Pilot proprietary CON-70 push button converter, which holds an ample supply of ink, or you can use Pilot ink cartridges as well.

The Pilot Custom Heritage 912 fountain pen comes packaged in a standard Pilot gift box, and both an ink cartridge and a CON-70 push button converter are included to get you started. Please note that Japanese nib sizes tend to run on the finer side, so your line with will be thinner than with a western nib.

Additional Pilot ink cartridges and other Pilot converters are also available. 

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Diameter - Body               13mm       .5"

Diameter - Grip Section     10mm     .39"

Length - Body                  125mm     4.9"    

Length - Cap                     67mm      2.6"

Length - Pen Closed          140mm     5.5"

Length - Pen Posted          157mm     6.2"

Weight - Body Only           16g          .6oz

Weight - Cap Only              9g          .3oz

Weight - Entire Pen           25g         .88oz

For our purposes:

Body Diameter is measured at the widest position of the barrel.

Grip Section Diameter is measured at the spot where most pen users hold their pen.

Body Length is from the end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

Body Weight and Overall Pen Weight includes a converter, if one comes with the pen.


Pilot offers the following guide to the fifteen different nib tipping sizes available on the Custom Heritage 912:

Extra Fine: a hard nib for small lettering, almost needle point.
Fine: a hard nib for fine lettering.
Fine Medium: a hard nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
Medium: a hard nib for medium lettering.
Broad: a hard nib for bold lettering.
Double Broad: hard big, very bold. Between Broad and Coarse.
Soft Fine: a soft nib for fine lettering.
Soft Fine Medium: a soft nib, in-between a Fine and Medium.
Soft Medium: a soft nib for medium lettering.
FA ("Falcon"): hooded design allowing for subtle flex while writing.
Waverly (WA): slightly upturned tip for smooth writing at any angle.
Stub (SU): squared-off tip for broad verticals and thin horizontals.
Music (MS): three tines, originally designed for writing sheet music.
Coarse (C): extra broad nib for extremely bold lines.
Posting (PO): downturned tip - fine, crisp lines with little pressure.

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen - Nib Sheet