Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen - Vermillion


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Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
18kt Gold
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Custom Urushi

The Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen shown here in Vermillion makes a simple but elegant statement, through the use of the Roiro Urushi technique and clean, classic lines. The rich vermillion color is adorned by just the slightest bit of trim and contrasting black urushi end caps, keeping the pen sleek and streamlined. The fountain pen features a superb two-tone 18kt nib that glides across the page effortlessly. 

The Pilot Custom Urushi fountain pen comes with the Pilot Con-70 piston converter, and optional Pilot cartridges for additional options. Each Pilot Falcon fountain pen is packaged in a standard Pilot gift box

Please note that Japanese nib sizes tend to run on the finer side, so your line with will be thinner than with a western nib.

Additional Pilot ink cartridges and other Pilot converters are also available. 

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Urushi, the material that forms the surface of this pen, is made from the sap from the Japanese lacquer tree. The process of collecting the Urushi (sap) and applying many layers of lacquer to this fountain pen takes three months or longer to complete. This technique, though painstaking, gives this fountain pen its deep lustrous sheen and has been used by Namiki craftsmen since 1918.


Diameter - Body               15.9mm     .6"

Diameter - Grip Section     12.3mm    .48"

Length - Body                  140.2mm    5.5"    

Length - Cap                    72.4mm     2.9"

Length - Pen Closed          154.6mm   6.1"

Length - Pen Posted          183.2mm   7.2"

Weight - Body Only            25g          1.0oz

Weight - Cap Only             18.0g       .7oz

Weight - Entire Pen           43.0g       1.52oz

For our purposes:

Body Diameter is measured at the widest position of the barrel.

Grip Section Diameter is measured at the spot where most pen users hold their pen.

Body Length is from the end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

Body Weight and Overall Pen Weight includes a converter, if one comes with the pen.