Pilot Justus 95 Fountain Pen - Black, Medium Nib Experienced

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Experienced - Previously Enjoyed. Comes with con-70 converter ONLY. No Box or cartridge. In excellent condition with original barrel sticker. Medium Nib. Images displayed are stock photography.

The eagerly anticipated new Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen is an updated version of the original Japanese "Justus" fountain pen which was launched in 1979 featuring a unique advanced technology. The name "Justus" was coined from the words "just right for us" or "to adjust" indicating the ability of the pen point to be fine-tuned.

The Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen features an innovative approach to changing your writing style with the new 14kt adjustable nib. Turn the adjuster at the top of the grip section to change the flexibility of the nib - towards the H for a firmer harder nib with less flexibility and a more traditional writing feel, or turn it towards the S for a softer nib with more expressiveness and flexibility, giving better line variation and shading. Hard is good for quick note taking, whereas Soft is good for creative and expressive writing.

The Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen comes in black with a distinctive straight line chasing pattern, and includes the CON-70 button style converter.

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