Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Gray with Blue Cap, Medium Nib


Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
Filling Mechanism:
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The Pilot Kakuno is the ideal fountain pen for new fountain pen users and experienced writers alike. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and this pen helps users to do exactly that by featuring an adorable smiley face on the nib, which when oriented upward, ensures perfect nib orientation.

The blue-capped gray barrel Kakuno pen has a hexagonal shape that is easy to hold in the hand, and features a steel medium nib with a smiley face. Indentations in the cap make it easier to grasp when uncapping the pen. The Pilot Kakuno fountain pen includes a black Pilot ink cartridge, and also accepts the Pilot CON-40 or CON-70 converter for use with bottled ink.