Pilot Parallel Mixable Colour Assorted Pack Ink Cartridges (12 Pack)

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Use these ink cartridges in a Pilot Parallel calligraphy fountain pen. This box includes 12 different colors - one of each of the following: Black, Blue, Sepia, Blue Black, Violet, Turquoise, Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow. When used with a second Pilot Parallel pen, you can achieve gradated color variation with these uniquely mixable shades.

Having trouble deciding between colors? Use our Ink Comparison Tool to quickly and easily view different colors side by side.

Color Group - Black, Blue, Sepia, Blue-Black, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow

Quantity per Pack - 12

Cartridge Type - Proprietary

2 Reviews

Evan May 25, 2018

Assorted doesn't mean random!

I was very pleased to open the packet to find that assorted just meant 'lots of different ones' rather than 'here is a random selection oops you got five blues'. The 12 pack gives you 12 colours, and the colour dots on the outside of the package correspond to which cartridge is in that colour. So far I've used the black and red (which came with the Parallel pens) and the turquoise and yellow from the assorted packet. They are very vibrantly pigmented. Do take note though, the formula is specific for use with Parallel pens-- it's more viscous than standard ink, and shouldn't be used inside a normal fountain pen.

Ahmad Farzan May 23, 2018

What was expected

These were what I was expecting. Shipping is also really fast

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