Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Gun Metal Gray with Matte Black Trim

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The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen in Gunmetal Grey with Matte Black Trim has a unique design – the 18k gold nib retracts! This makes for an eye-catching conversation piece and also ensures the pen is ready at the push of a button. The moment you are ready to write, so is the Vanishing Point. Once the writing is done, an ingeniously designed door closes over the retracted nib to prevent the ink from drying out.

The Pilot Gunmetal Grey with Matte Black Trim Vanishing Point features a matte dark grey lacquer over a metal body with black-plated trim and a black-plated 18k gold nib. The clip is designed to hold the nib in an upward position when the pen is not in use which prevents the pen from accidentally opening when clipped to a shirt pocket.

The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is packaged with a proprietary piston converter, Pilot cartridges and a cartridge cap.

2 Reviews

Gail R Jan 06, 2021

Pilot Vanishing Point in Gunmetal and Matte Black

I'm a nurse, so using a tradition fountain pen with a cap is impractical. I have two Platinum Curidases, but they have design flaws that have made them a poor choice for day in and day out clicking and un-clicking. I finally bit the bullet and spent the money on the Pilot Vanishing Point (M nib), and now I'm wondering why I spent $160 on two basically useless pens when I could have spent roughly the same amount on the Pilot!

This pen is a DREAM to write with. I've had it for less than a day and I'm already in love with it. Oddly enough, it's not as happy writing on my usual Rhodia Dot Pad paper as it is on copy paper, but this is actually a plu, since it's highly unlikely my doctor's office will invest in high-quality paper for copying and printing! It's inked up with the Sailor Studio 027 I ordered specifically for this pen (see review on the ink's page for a rave review), and it's writing so smoothly I could cry.

The weight and overall construction of this pen is stellar. This is no surprise since Pilot is known for consistency and reliability. I will likely buy a second Vanishing Point due to the high volume of clicking I do over the course of a day/week/month. This is the perfect pen for someone in the medical field, or really any profession where a lot of writing is done and a pen with a cap is impractical. I highly recommend this pen!

Kai Song May 23, 2018

Most Practical Fountain Pen Ever!

Most practical fountain pen EVER! Excellent value too -- for less than $150 it's got one of the most reliable 18K nibs and an all metal construction. It's hard to beat! PRO: Excellent construction, nice weight, very satisfying click. Some may prefer the look of the older, faceted version of the VP, but the current edition uses much better materials and finishes. I don't find the clip in the way at all. The nib units are superbly made, can be swapped with older VPs, suitable for custom grind into stub/italic, too. (I have F, M Cursive Italic and B Cursive Italic and I want more.) So many colours to collect/choose from. CON: Ink capacity is small, but the F nib is very economical with ink, yet not dry. Besides, you get to change ink colour more often. So it's really a pro.

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