Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - White with Matte Black Trim

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The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen in White with Matte Black Trim has a unique design – the 18k gold nib retracts! This makes for an eye-catching conversation piece and also ensures the pen is ready at the push of a button. The moment you are ready to write, so is the Vanishing Point. Once the writing is done, an ingeniously designed door closes over the retracted nib to prevent the ink from drying out.

The Pilot White with Matte Black Trim Vanishing Point features a glossy white lacquer over a metal body with black-plated trim and a black-plated 18k gold nib. The clip is designed to hold the nib in an upward position when the pen is not in use which prevents the pen from accidentally opening when clipped to a shirt pocket.

The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is packaged with a proprietary piston converter, Pilot cartridges and a cartridge cap.

4 Reviews

Fred Pilarczyk May 23, 2018

A great addition to the line

"Another great VP from Pilot.

A lot of people are calling it the ""Stormtrooper"" pen, and it's easy to see way. Load it up with your favorite bright red ink and you are ready to take on the rebel scum.

I really like Broad nib on the VP. It has great flow, and always starts smoothly, leaving a nice wet line.

Of course, let's not forget the wonderful Anderson Pens who always have great, speedy shipping, and packaging to make sure that you are ready to fight the Rebellion in tip-top condition."

Liz M May 23, 2018

Love it!

This is a fantastic pen! The nib (F) is one of the smoothest I've ever received on a new pen. The line width is what you would expect from a Pilot fine nib. Construction is first class - it doesn't feel at all like you have to worry about anything breaking. For me, the clip is not a problem, but with my normal grip, there's a gap between my thumb and index finger, so the clip fits right in there. It's a beautiful and convenient pent, well worth the price. And the folks at Anderson Pens were very helpful in getting it to me quickly. Overall, I'm a happy writer. :)

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