Pilot Vanishing Point Nib with Converter Set - Black, Extra Fine


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18k Gold
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This Pilot Vanishing Point Black Extra Fine replacement nib unit includes a black-ionized 18K gold Extra Fine nib and feed unit and a CON-40 twist piston converter, which makes changing the nib on your Pilot or Namiki Vanishing Point a breeze! This nib and converter unit fits all current models of Pilot or Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pens. If you want to swap nibs to a different point size, or plating color, this is the option for you!

Please note that Japanese nib sizes tend to run on the finer side, so your line with will be thinner than with a western nib.

Other Pilot Vanishing Point replacement nib units are availoable, and come in 3 plating options and several nib sizes. 

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