Pilot Vanishing Point Nib with Converter Set - Black, Stub

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This Pilot Vanishing Point nib unit includes a black-ionized 18K gold Stub nib and feed unit, and a CON-40 twist piston converter, which makes changing the nib on your Pilot or Namiki Vanishing Point a breeze! This nib and converter unit fits all current models of Pilot or Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pens.

3 Reviews

Brian Tan May 23, 2018

Excellent upgrade for your standard VP pen

Bought this as a replacement to the medium nib on my Fermo. Writes smooth with just enough feedback, I wouldn't call it butter smooth though. Width of the vertical stroke is close to 1.1mm Lamy Safari. Horizontally it is almost needle thin. So it is stubby from that perspective. Comes with a CON-50 converter in the package.

Gordon May 23, 2018

A stub... or a cursive italic?

I ordered this nib 'on impulse' when I heard that VP nib prices were about to go up in January 2016 - and boy, am I glad I went ahead: this is a fantastic nib. In my books, it's more of a cursive italic than a stub - the edges are a little sharper than I'd been expecting - but that's an observation rather than a complaint, I'm really happy with it. Nice sharp lines, moderate ink flow, and a pleasant 'springiness' to the nib - definitely worth the investment, if you like a little bit of line variation!

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