Platinum Pigmented Blue Ink (60ml Bottle)

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A 60ml bottle of Platinum Pigmented Blue fountain pen ink, with a built-in reservoir for easy filling of your fountain pen. Platinum Blue Pigmented fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of blue. Platinum Blue Pigmented Ink is pigmented in order to improve its water-resistant property, light-fastness and heat-resisting qualities.

Blue Pigment Ink is suitable for important documents requiring archival qualities, and this ink also has many fine art applications. Many users enjoy using this ink in fountain pens, but additional care may be needed when cleaning.

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Volume - 60ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

Special Properties - Water Resistant, Pigmented

1 Review

robeschi Nov 20, 2017

Nice, understated color, incredibly reliable.

This ink has found a permanent home in my Platinum 3776 Century. The pen has a great slip and seal mechanism allowing it to be ready to write after even prolonged periods of inactivity. The ink will work well on every sort of paper I've tried it on. It's nice to have a very reliable ink and pen that I know I can always count on.

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