Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Blue

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The Platinum Preppy fountain pen in Blue is a terrific value for the price! This is a perfect starter fountain pen, or a wonderful option to keep at your desk. The pen features a clear plastic body, and a stainless steel nib that does run a little on the fine side. The Preppy accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter to use with your choice of bottled ink. It comes with one blue ink cartridge, and the proprietary Platinum converter is sold separately. 

7 Reviews

Larry R LACOURSE Nov 03, 2020

Yet another love to hate affair

This is indeed an interesting pen. So low in cost little thought need be given as to whether or not to just leave it unattended on your desk at work. For the cost it could be an amazing pen. When it writes, there is great feel from just letting the nib flow over the page. Then all of a sudden it will just stop without warning. Nada, nothing happens. Time to take a break and let the pen settle down or what ever it does. A few minutes later, it is ready to write another page or two. This would not be a problem if less than a page were written at a time.

The section was cleaned, and the nib removed for inspection. Nothing out of order. I'll just chalk this up to a quirk of nature, and limit the usage to just one page at a time. Would I buy another one? Yes. This pen is just number 8 in the collection of Preppy pens. A different color in each.

A note: This is the only one with a medium nib. All of those with fine nibs have not had any problems. I just like the blue ink.

Mathieu Blanchette May 29, 2018

Great (starter) pen for the price

"This is a great (starter) fountain pen for the price. Not a throwaway. I got a adapter for international cartridges.

It can take Platinum cartridges and Platinum converter as well."

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