Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Purple, Fine Nib

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The Platinum Preppy fountain pen in Purple is a terrific value for the price! This is a perfect starter fountain pen, or a wonderful option to keep at your desk. The pen features a clear plastic body, and a stainless steel nib that does run a little on the fine side. The Preppy accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter to use with your choice of bottled ink. It comes with one purple ink cartridge, and the proprietary Platinum converter is sold separately. 

1 Review

Caitlyn Nov 20, 2017

Great pen

Nice little pen with a very smooth nib. Not the most elegant of pens, but nice for throwing in my purse and not worrying about. The enclosed feed does make it a little tricky to clean if I want to switch inks. I didn't like the purple ink that came with it, but I used a syringe to fill the empty cartridge with Noodler's Ottoman Rose and that makes me a lot happier.

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