Punilabo Silicone Pen Case - Parakeet

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Store your pens in an adorable Punilabo pen case with this innovative telescoping pen case by Lihit Lab, in the Parakeet design, featuring a bright green body and yellow head, with matching green zipper pull tab! This is perfect for carrying pens, makeup, tech cords or other items, up to 6.5" long. Inside the lid is an elastic loop, perfect for holding an eraser or tube of pencil leads. The bottom of the case pops into the body when you press it down on a desk, pushing up the contents to make them easy to reach. Simply pull the bottom back out and zip the lid closed when it's time to take with you. The case is made of soft silicone that is soft to the touch, and is a breeze to clean with water.

The design is based on the ISOT 2016 prize winning Actact Stand Pen Case, which transforms from a pen case into a pen cup for your desk.

1 Review

Philip Guest Dec 28, 2020

A cutie - but also thoughtfully designed!

I have lots of pens, which I am trying to weed out, sort and organize a bit better. I was looking at pen rolls and cases, expensive and affordable, but nothing really caught my fancy - until this!
I was wanting something to keep my nicer pens from chaffing against each other. This is obviously not that, but in my head I was going to make a fabric pen-roll to fit inside. Today's happy solution is that I have a (home-made) pen-roll with individual sleeves for the chrome and metal finished pens, and this cheeky chappie is holding my acrylic and ebonite items.
Practical: Although it says it holds 15 pencils (and a sharpener or eraser in the bonnet) mine is pretty full with seven or eight pens with clips. Silicone is soft and thick. Pop up base is a neat design, probably best described as a desk pen holder that is portable.
Personal: I have three parakeets currently, Bianca, Oscar and Giselle. None are "standard" coloration, but this is a pretty good match for Giselle!

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