Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball - Tudor Armor

Retro 51

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The regal Retro 51 Tudor Armor rollerball pays tribute to an impressive suit of armor, dated 1586, and replicates the original artisan's decorative craftmanship with Queen Elizabeth I's family emblem, the Tudor rose, the French fleur-de-lis (then part of the English arms), and two Es back-to-back (Elizabeth's cipher) printed over the brass barrel and complete with polished brass trim. Each pen has been numbered on the top ring and loaded in The Met licensed packaging tube that doubles as a pen stand when it's not in use. Pick up a piece of history with this fine writing rollerball pen.

The textured knurl-top twists to extend and retract the smooth-flowing rollerball refill.

Retro 51 capless rollerballs use the Schmidt P8126 short capless rollerball refill in several color and point size options. 

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