Retro 51 Tornado Acrylic Rollerball - Silver Lining

Retro 51

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This amazing Tornado Acrylic Silver Lining capless rollerball features 51 shades of gray tones that are intermixed to create the acrylic barrels with a supercell pattern, polished to a gloss finish and completed with a stainless top disc and chrome accents. Each one is packaged in a tube featuring black and white photography with silver foil embellishments by Retro51 collector Mike Gfeller.

Please note that each pen has a slightly different pattern. The textured knurl-top twists to extend and retract the smooth-flowing rollerball refill.

Retro 51 capless rollerballs use the Schmidt P8126 short capless rollerball refill in several color and point size options. 

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