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Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball - Chicago, Anderson Pens Exclusive


In celebration of Anderson Pens Chicago, we have teamed up with Retro 51's design gurus to create a fun and charming pen - The Chicago Tornado! The barrel features the Chicago skyline in a shiny finish while the sky matches the blue from the Windy City's famous flag. Speaking of the flag, you'll find it adorned on the jewel of this pen! 

The rollerball uses the awesome smooth-gliding Schmidt short capless refill for a truly wonderful writing experience.

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Briar Jan 09, 2021

Chicago Pen is beautiful

The design on this Retro 51 pen is beautiful. Lots of Chicago details including the stars and blue from the City of Chicago flag. As all Retro 51 pens, it is a joy to write with.

Tom J. Jul 26, 2020

Retro 51 Chicago

Retro 51 pens have and excellent design feature that makes them collectible as well as practical to use everyday. Chicago is a great pen.

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