Sailor Ebonite Sculpture Fountain Pen - Yogazsumi (Night Haze)


MSRP: $990.00
(You save $198.00 )
Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
21kt Gold
Filling Mechanism:

The Sailor Ebonite Sculpture fountain pen in Yogazsumi (Night Haze) is made of ebonite, and has a sandblasted and bead blasted finish for a rough texture that is pleasant to the touch and represents the haze of night fluttering at the foot of a mountain. Each pen in the Ebonite Sculpture Fountain Pen series is designed to reflect a different part of the night. The 21k gold nib provides the smooth and consistent writing experience that Sailor is known for. The cap has no clip, and instead features a gold-plated roll stop engraved with the Sailor logo, to prevent the pen from rolling off your desk. Each Sailor Ebonite Sculpture fountain pen comes packaged with a 20ml bottle of Ink Studio fountain pen ink.

For the best long-term performance of your Sailor fountain pen, we highly recommend that you use the Sailor Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit for the most efficient way to clean your fountain pen!

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