Sailor Ink Studio #970 (20ml Bottle)

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Sailor Ink Studio #970 is a 20ml bottle of dye based ink that comes from the Ink Studio Collection which consists of over 20,000 colors. Ink Studio #970 is a shade of Yellow.

Each bottle comes with four converter labels to easily identify the ink you have in your pen.

Having trouble deciding between colors? Use our Ink Comparison Tool to quickly and easily view different colors side by side.

Volume - 20ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Yellow

1 Review

Julie J Martin Oct 05, 2019

Absolutely lovely

I put this ink in a Pelikan Souveran M400 F nib with a cursive italic grind and it is just beautiful. It's not too watery at all, it's beautifully saturated and wet, without being too wet. It's a green-leaning green gold and it really a unique color - I absolutely love it. I would never have said I like this type of color, but it's just so interesting. With the F nib, I don't notice any real shading on TRP, but it is a cheerful and deep/complex color.

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