Sailor Manyo Fuji Ink (50ml Bottle)


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Sailor Manyo Fuji fountain pen ink is a soft shade of purple that shades out to violet and blue colors in pens with broader nibs that can create pooling of the ink on the paper. This pooling and shading can create some amazing depth and visual interest in writing, calligraphy and art pieces.

Sailor Manyo Fuji fountain pen ink comes packaged in a sturdy 50ml cube-shaped glass bottle.

Flowers have always been a popular poetic subject dating back to ancient Japanese history. What better theme for Sailor’s Manyo Ink Series? Based on popular flowers frequently mentioned in Japanese “Manyoshu” – an anthology of compiled ancient poems, Sailor has chosen these dye-based ink colors to best represent this vibrant palette range.

Sailor fountain pen ink is made in Japan, and is very well behaved, has good flow, and is easy to rinse out of your fountain pen.

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