Sailor Manyo Sumire Ink (50ml Bottle)

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Sailor Manyo Sumire Ink comes in the Sailor 50ml cube bottle and is a lovely shade of blue. Flowers have always been a popular poetic subject dating back to ancient Japanese history. What better theme for Sailor’s next bottle ink, aptly named: the Sailor Manyo Ink Series. Based on popular flowers frequently mentioned in Japanese “Manyoshu” – an anthology of compiled ancient poems, Sailor has chosen these dye-based ink colors to best represent this vibrant palette range.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue

1 Review

Em Dec 24, 2019

Vivid Blue

Sumire is very much in the same line as Sky High or Souten, but unlike those two, which are all but identical, Sumire is noticeably different. It’s significantly more vivid, a very bright blue closest to Kon Peki or Diamine Mediterranean Blue, though it’s not an exact match for either. It’s absolutely gorgeous and quite easily readable but can be a bit bright to read whole pages of, if you’re sensitive to that. It does sheen with the classic pink/red sheen found in Souten and Sky High, but less so- more like the level of sheen in Kon Peki, which allows the base color to really show well. It’s a bit less syrupy-smooth than some Sailors, also. Still a very smooth, well-flowing ink, just not quite as cushiony. Again, more like a Pilot Iroshizuku line ink. A fantastic ink.

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