Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Manyo Plum Limited Edition Set


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Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
14kt Gold
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Pen Model:
Pro Gear Slim
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The Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo fountain pen named Plum is inspired by 2 different colors from the Manyo ink line. The teal blue resin of the barrel, section and cap is inspired by the Yomogi ink, and the plummy red cap finial and barrel end finial are reminiscent of Ume ink. Rhodium-plated trim, and a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib available in nib options of Fine or Medium complete this unique look.

The Sailor Manyo Plum fountain pen comes packaged as a set with a complementary 50ml bottle of Manyo Yomogi ink.

For the best long-term performance of your Sailor fountain pen, we highly recommend that you use the Sailor Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit for the most efficient way to clean your fountain pen!

A detailed description of the Sailor standard and Bespoke Specialty nibs can be found Here.

Additional Sailor proprietary ink cartridges are available in many different colors and formulas. 

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