Sailor Souboku Pigmented Blue-Black Ink (50ml Bottle)

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This 50ml bottle of Sailor Souboku Pigmented Blue-Black fountain pen ink is a high quality choice for the deep rich color and its fast-drying and water resistant properties. This pigmented ink was designed for brush pens, but is safe for use in fountain pens as well. This new deeper darker blue was developed for writers and artists who want a deeper shade of blue than the Sei-Boku. A little extra care is called for, so don't leave it in your pen for weeks on end without cleaning. The pigment particles, if left to dry, can require a little more maintenance to clean out. Sailor Souboku Pigmented (Nano) Blue-Black fountain pen ink dries on the surface of the paper and is perfect for mixed-media or watercolor artists who use thicker sketch or watercolor paper, but this also works well for artists or others who use fountain pens, with a color wash over top.

Comes in new 50ml square glass bottle with no internal reservoir.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Blue-Black

Special Properties - Pigmented, Fast Drying, Water Resistant.

2 Reviews

Koby Feb 27, 2021

Excellent Pigment Ink

This is my first bottle of Sailor micropigment ink and it has really impressed me! It's been in a Metropolitan with an EF nib for over a week now, and there have been no issues with clogging or hard starting, which I was worried about with such a fine nib. It behaves like any other ink I have from Sailor, which is to say very well.

There is some shading on all paper types I have used. It is very waterproof, and very resistant to smudging after it's dried. Pretty impressive ink overall. Love the blue-black color.

Kevin S. May 28, 2020

Souboku Ink Bottle

This is my all time favorite ink and my daily driver in my Sailor King of Pen Medium (stock nib). The ink is a pleasant shade of blue-black that is both professional and exciting. Normally I use this ink on Tomoe River 58 gsm. On this paper, the nib is prone to some shading. I recommend agitating the ink before use!

I find the ink a little bit more well behaved and consistent than its partner, Seiboku. Souboku is much more gray and Seiboku is more of a true blue. I think of Souboku as a grey-blue-black. Like a very dark thundercloud.

Of particular importance to my sweaty fingers..once Seiboku/Souboku are dried on Tomoe (maybe 30 seconds?) the ink is TOTALLY smudge proof (unlike Kiwa-Guro, with which I have experienced smearing).

Before COVID I would swim in a local gym and I would use this ink to write my swim sets on kokuyo paper. The ink would be right next to the pool and would by the end of my swim set the paper would be soaking wet/falling apart but the ink would be clearly legible/non-smeared. really is waterproof. It is also relatively coffee resistant.

This ink demands to be used and I heartily recommend it and I have received several bottles of this ink from Anderson Pens and been happy with each one. Clearly, I like this ink and I always enjoy doing business with Anderson Pens. Very friendly and reliable company with caring employees.

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