Sailor US 50 State Ink Series - Louisiana Ink Sample (3ml Vial)


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A 3ml sample of Sailor 50 States Series Louisiana fountain pen ink, labeled with the name of the ink brand and color, in a plastic ink sample vial with a dip at the bottom to allow you to easily get every drop. When you think of Louisiana, brilliant gold, greens, and purples come to mind in a parade of confetti strewn, beaded and masked images of the celebration of Mardi Gras. To honor this exciting statewide holiday, the Louisiana ink is a vibrant violet with a dazzling green and gold sheen that can be seen in some lighting. This radiant violet will make you feel like celebrating as you write with it and reveal its vivid sheen and shading properties.

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Volume - 3ml

Vial Material - Plastic

Color Group - Purple